This leadership development program is unique in that it develops the participant’s awareness of their own leadership behavior, called an “architype”, how to manage it to their and their company’s advantage and how to recognize others’ various leadership architypes and productively interact with them. The program also includes industry learning which is blended with the leadership awareness to produce real applications of the learning. The program was created for energy professionals preparing for or newly in leadership roles or in established leadership roles and wanting to attain superior leadership awareness. More than 600 energy professionals from some of the country’s leading energy companies and utilities have graduated from the program. Industry Innovation and Intelligence delivers the program in six daily modules. The program can be delivered on a client’s site over six consecutive days in one week or over three consecutive days during each of two weeks. The program can also be delivered virtually via the client’s online video conference platform.

In advance of a program each participant completes a number of behavioral analytics survey. Each will receive their Enneagram profile in advance of the program during a one hour private consultation with an Industry Innovation and Intelligence certified Enneagram practitioner and life coach. During the program, participants will receive, review and be briefed on the results of their other surveys. The knowledge gained from the Enneagram survey will be applied and reviewed throughout the program and the knowledge gained from the other surveys applied during specific exercises. Following the program, each participant will again participate in a one hour debrief by an Industry Innovation and Intelligence certified Enneagram practitioner and life coach. Each participant will receive a digital workbook containing their survey results and all program material. The Program’s base cost is $17,500 plus $1,900 for each participant in excess of six. If delivered on a client’s site, the client is additionally responsible for Industry Innovation and Intelligence’s reasonable travel and lodging costs. Contact us for more details.