The energy industry is experiencing the greatest transition in its history. Low and no carbon solutions, resilience, reliability and sustainability are key drivers. Coal is being phased out. Methane emissions and CO2 from its combustion are being strictly regulated while new natural gas consuming appliances are being banned in some states. Fossil fuel vehicles are being phased out and new sales in some states will end. Solar and wind power are becoming leading power sources, nuclear power has new life and hydrogen is being promoted as the future’s universal clean fuel. Various forms of energy storage are being deployed. Software, data and artificial intelligence now manage many grid-edge and consumer energy functions. Electrification of heating, transportation and other fossil uses accelerates. Global supply chain issues impact battery, EV and solar production and escalate oil and natural gas prices at a time of domestic abundance. Capital and infrastructure plans are being reassessed and shifting. Significant change brings significant opportunity, requiring impactful strategies and targeted business development plans. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Act and the Inflation Reduction Act drive billions of dollars and provide incentives to pursue the abundance of opportunities. Community impact and justice, equity, diversity and inclusion now influence the energy industry and its projects as much as do energy supply, demand and cost, requiring new sensitivity, knowledge and skill. Energy industry innovation and intelligence are critical to advancing projects, products and services. Industry Innovation and Intelligence provides clients these essential ingredients to identify opportunities and create value.

The company’s Founders, with nearly 60 years of energy industry experience, will help your company create a winning strategy, organize impactful business development plans, find and secure government grant and other funding, connect you with industry members essential to your success, develop your leaders and train your team.