The United States energy industry is experiencing the greatest and most tumultuous transition in modern history. Carbon and sustainability are key drivers; prompting less coal consumption, causing natural gas to be scrutinized, elevating nuclear power, promoting hydrogen as a clean fuel, accelerating solar and wind power development and prompting the age of electric transportation. Global supply chain issues impact battery, EV and solar production and escalate oil and natural gas prices at a time of domestic abundance, causing capital investment and infrastructure plans to be reassessed and shift. Community justice, equity, diversity and inclusion issues now influence the industry and its projects as much as do energy supply, demand and cost, requiring new sensitivity, knowledge and skill. Energy industry innovation and intelligence are critical to advancing projects, products and services and making acquisitions. Industry Innovation and Intelligence, Inc. provides these essential ingredients.

The company’s Founder and Principal, David A. Doctor, with more than 40 years of energy industry experience, will help catalyze your company’s drive to lead in the energy industry’s areas of greatest opportunities. David has organized energy industry leading companies, products and services and created new, innovative and successful means of connecting with and serving customers in the natural gas, power, energy technology and hydrogen sectors.