Industry Innovation and Intelligence employs nearly six decades of energy industry experience to deliver a broad range of services to recreate value for your and your company. Services includes developing corporate and business development strategies, identifying and supporting government grant applications and administration, developing and coaching your leaders and providing energy industry orientation and training for you team members. How we create value for clients is described below.

Industry Innovation and Intelligence’s founders have more than sixty years experience in creating energy company strategy and developing new business lines and ventures. They have developed strategies for large regulated utilities and new ventures. They have organized new business lines and subsidiaries within large corporations and created new ventures. They have created, positioned and promoted new products and services. They can apply this experience and knowledge to create value for your company.

Industry Innovation and Intelligence has developed a successful four step grant process of identification; research and planning; application writing and submission; and upon award, grant administration. Many of our applications have resulted in awards from federal and state agencies, some of which are depicted below. After award these projects have been managed to the satisfaction of the grantor, including complying with federal agency community engagement and financial reporting requirements. Industry Innovation and Intelligence manages the application and grant administration process for client’s allowing them to focus on their project creation, development and implementation.

Industry Innovation and Intelligence’s leadership development program is unique in that it develops the participant’s awareness of their own leadership behavior, called an “architype”, how to manage it to their and their company’s advantage, and how to recognize others’ various leadership architypes and productively interact with them. The program also includes industry learning which is blended with the leadership awareness to produce real applications of the learning. The program was created for energy professionals preparing for or newly in leadership roles or in established leadership roles and wanting to attain superior leadership awareness. More than 600 energy professionals from some of the country’s leading energy companies and utilities have graduated from the program. Industry Innovation and Intelligence delivers the program in six daily modules. The program can be delivered on a client’s site over six consecutive days in one week or over three consecutive days during each of two weeks. The program can also be delivered virtually via the client’s online video conference platform

The Energy Boot Camp was created for energy companies’ new employees and their administrative, communication, human resources and other employees not directly delivering energy services, but needing a broad understanding of the industry to better perform their roles. Since 2016, more than 300 state regulatory, utility, trade association and energy company employees have graduated from the course. The Energy Boot Camp is delivered in six modules on site in a one day, ten hour format or virtually in a two day format; three modules and five hours each day. Each participant receives for their personal use a PDF course book of the 250+ PowerPoint slides used during the course and a 15 page directory of energy industry terms and acronyms.