Strategy and Business Development

Industry Innovation and Intelligence’s founders have more than sixty years experience in creating energy company strategy and developing new business lines and ventures. They have developed strategies for large regulated utilities and new ventures. They have organized new business lines and subsidiaries within large corporations and created new ventures. They have created, positioned and promoted new products and services. They can apply this experience and knowledge to create value for your company.

  • Vision – We help create an inspiring framework for companies’ future
  • Position – We research and identify where within the energy industry your company’s vision will be most impactful
  • Competitors – We determine which companies now or may in the future operate in “your” space
  • Alignment – We propose positioning your products and services where your company will realize greatest value
  • New Ventures – We can create “stand alone” companies and divisions within operating companies
  • Funding – We can identify and help secure venture, angel and corporate funding and negotiate bank credit lines
  • Intellectual Property – We can help you create and secure, trademarks, service marks and technology patents
  • Organization – We can develop and help implement new venture financial, staffing, administrative and deployment plans
  • Products – We can help design new or evolve existing products and services to be more effective and productive
  • Positioning – We can advise on which sectors and for which customers your products and services will be most impactful
  • Promoting – We can identify the channels and means by which to reach your prospective customers
  • Prospecting – We can develop a program and contact list with which to introduce your products and services
  • Utilities – We’ve managed strategy and trading and created and led divisions for natural gas and electric utilities
  • Trading – We’ve organized, led and managed large natural gas and electricity trading organizations
  • Energy Technology – We’ve created technology, built companies on that technology and supported technology companies
  • Hydrogen – We’ve led one of the nation’s largest regional stakeholder engagement programs and managed H2 research